Parking Services serves a variety of functions relating to campus parking.

We issue all parking permits, answer questions/concerns regarding parking citations & special events.

Baldwin Wallace University has numerous parking lots located across campus. There is ample parking but having a parking permit does not guarantee availability of a parking space in the immediate vicinity of your residency, class, office, or workplace. The responsibility for finding a permissible parking space lies with the vehicle operator, and inability to find a permitted space will not be accepted as justification for violating any of the enforced parking regulations.

All Faculty, Staff & Students a required to have a permit to park on BW Campus.

The money generated by all parking fines is transferred to a student scholarship fund and does not benefit the operation of the Parking Department or Baldwin Wallace University.

You must apply for a parking permit at


Parking permit must be displayed in the interior, bottom left-hand side of the front windshield.

Parking policies are in effect 24x7 365 days a year.

Visitor's spots are never to be used by Faculty, Staff or Students. If you do forget your permit contact our office immediately and park in your normal designated spot.