Time Management for the BW Student: Balancing academics and personal life (in-person)

by Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA)

Event Academic CASA Discussion Free Admission Workshop

Wed, Mar 13, 2024

5 PM – 6 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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This seminar will cover the following items below:
•    Learn to breakdown and prioritize assignments and projects into “bite-sized” tasks
•    Analyze and implement time management and planning tools to recognize available time slots and plan workloads or responsibilities 
•    Breakdown the time requirements of obligations and responsibilities
•    Plan and implement deep learning and structured studying with The Study Cycle 
•    Apply research about information recall and The Forgetting Curve to save time in the long run

Recommended for: 
ALL STUDENTS (One of our highly requested topics), Graduate students looking to organize and create a plan for a busy semester, Busy students who need time management tools (student-athletes, CON students, Theatre students, FSL, RAs, students in organizations, students who also work on the side), Students in courses that require extensive out-of-classroom time to read or study (ACC, BIO, CHM, EGR, ENG, HIS, MTH, NRO, NUR,  PHY, PSY, SOC, etc.), Students who want to attend graduate school, Anyone who finds a structured plan and goals may help guide their semester, Students who experience stress due to busy schedules, Students above 16 credit hours, Anyone who feels they will benefit from learning about Time Management

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