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​Welcome to International Student Services (ISS). We recognize the important contribution international students are to our BW community and are here to help with those students' transition into American culture and life at Baldwin Wallace. To ensure your success at BW, we provide immigration advice, cultural, social and academic support in a welcoming and friendly environment. While we aim to be a home away from home, we are also committed to helping you overcome the challenge of stepping outside your comfort zone and helping you become involved in the many facets and opportunities BW has to offer.

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International Student Ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors (ISA) are current student leaders who help welcome and integrate new international students to BW. As an international student, ISAs are your peer advisors when you have questions about campus or culturally related questions. They work with the BW international students organizing on and off campus events and creating lasting relationships. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work on campus?

Yes you can. Students can work for Dining Services or in offices on campus. Remember that international students may only hold one on-campus job with one employer/department, and are limited to no more than 20 hours per week of work.

How do I apply for OPT?

Email BW's Designated School Official ( to request information about applying for OPT.​

How do I get a Social Security Number?

To get an Social Security Number, you must be employed by the university. Once you are offered a job, please contact BW's Designated School Official by email: The DSO will then create a letter that you will bring to the Social Security Administration office to file for a Social Security Number (SSN).

I have lost some immigration papers, what should I do?

Contact BW's Designated School Official by email ( IMMEDIATELY!

I have moved. Who should I notify?

If you move, you must notify BW's Designated School Official ( AND complete a Change of Address form. You may also have to notify the Registrar and Post Office which are located in Bonds Hall.

What are my options if I get sick?

Baldwin Wallace has a Health Center on campus. Visit their webpage for hours of operation. In case of an emergency, there is a local hospital .5 miles (.8km) away -- Southwest General Hospital.

Insurance is not necessary for the BW Health Center, however insurance plans will be offered to international students as many American hospitals will not recognize international plans.

What should I know about working on campus?

There are several important things you must know as an international student working on campus:

  1. International students may only hold one on-campus job with one employer/department.
  2. You are limited to work no more than 20 hours a week. Anything over 20 hours violates your visa status.
  3. If you violate the 20 hour per week Federal Law, your employment will be terminated immediately!
  4. You are permitted to work until the second last pay period of the semester so that we can process your final pay prior to you leaving the University and the United States.

If you have any questions please see ISS staff or Debby Brousek in Student Employment.

Where can I go to workout or stay in shape?

The Lou Higgins Recreation Center is the place to go to improve physical fitness, stay well, socialize, and enjoy leisure time. The recreation center features a fitness center, dance studio, volleyball court, raquetball courts, indoor batting cage, weight room, basketball court, badminton courts, a seimming pool, and a second floor computer lab. Group fitness classes are offered on a first come, first servce basis. These classes are free, amd many of them are beginner friendly.

Where should I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill in several ways. Most often, bills are paid in cash at the Cashier's Office in the Bonds Administration Building, or online at You may also choose to pay through PayPal or wire transfer.

To pay online, you can make payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover only, and a 2.85% convenience fee applies). To avoid the convenience fee, an electronic check can be used for payment but only if the check is drawn on a bank within the United States. *Note: the system will prompt you for a Social Security number OR your student ID. Be sure you have one or the other.

To use PayPal, first email the BW Cashier's Office at for further instruction. PayPal fee applies and differs in amount from country to country. Normally, this fee is not excessive. Students using PayPal for payment must take responsibility for paying any transaction fee or money transfer fee.

If you opt to wire the money, please send it to:

PNC, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Route #4224212465 Acct (see cashier's)

IBAN Code/Swift Code PNCCUS33

All Transactions Must Include: Student Name and University ID Number. Bank fees apply.

Who answers immigration questions?

BW's Designated School Official (DSO) can answer any immigration questions you have. Email

Who are International Student Ambassadors?

International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) are student leaders who help welcome and integrate new international studnets to BW.