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The Purchasing Department is located in Bonds Hall in room 209. Purchasing assists with procurement of goods and services, student contracts, travel, university p-card (visa card), multifunctional device machines (copiers), vehicles/motor pool, university fleet program and risk management (insurance).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a university van or car?

The Purchasing Department has a Motor Pool of vehicles for University use. Vehicles consist of 8 mini vans, 2 twelve-passenger vans, 1 fifteen-passenger van and 2 Kia Souls that are available for students, faculty and staff. Twelve/fifteen passenger vans and the Kia Souls are to be driven only by faculty and staff. Vehicles are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Vans are only available to recognized organizations on campus. In order to drive a van, you must take the Van Skills Class offered by the Purchasing Department at various times during the year. Students must drive for a specific department in order to take the class.

The use of vehicles is necessary to almost all programs and activities of BW. Given the number of vehicles in use and total miles driven, it is necessary to have policies in place to manage the associated risks. The University's primary concern is to avoid injuries and property damage to BW people and the general public by promoting the safe operation of vehicles used for University business or for any other University purposes. Accidents may cause injuries and property damage and may also result in claims against the University arising from third party liability, property damage, worker's compensation injuries, and business interruption.

All drivers of BW vehicles must be registered by the University as an authorized driver. If you are not registered, you must read the Driving Rules for University Vehicles and the Driving Safety Tips and complete the Application to Drive University Owned Vehicles. The completed form must be returned to the Purchasing Department one week before you are scheduled to drive. Anyone with 4 or more points on their Motor Vehicle Report will not be permitted to drive. If you are going to drive a University-Owned van, you must complete the Van Skills Class offered by the University. Vans Skills Classes are offered several times during the year. Call the Purchasing Department at x2444 for availability.

See the documents tab at the top of this page for information on:
Application to Drive University-Owned Vehicles
Auto Rental Policy
Driving Rules for University Vehicles
Driving Safety Tips
Motor Vehicle Safety Policy
Use of Personal Vehicles for BW Business

What is the cost to use a university van or car?

There is no cost to use a vehicle as long as the van or car is driven within a 50-mile radius of the university. Vehicles that are used over 50 miles from campus must be returned with a full tank of gas at the expense of the department or organization. Vans or cars that are used for multiple days must be returned with a full tank of gas. Gas used during the duration of the van/car use is also at the expense of the department or organization. After use, check the vans for any belongings and remove trash. Vehicles returned extremely dirty will be charged a fee of $75.00 for cleaning.

How do I make small purchases or renew memberships?

Small Purchases are defined as purchases of goods and services less than $100. Small purchases would include advances, subscriptions, memberships, dues, stipends, honorarium and misc. payments of any amount. These purchases can be made by filling out a requisition using the finance side of the form. Submit the white and yellow copy of the requisition and supporting documents to the Finance Office in the Bonds Administration Building.

What if I need to return an order?

If your need to return an order, contact the supplier. They may need to issue your a return of goods number (some vendors require this). Ask for the correct return address for where to return the goods. Discuss who will be responsible for the return freight charges and ask if a credit or replacement will be issued. It is important to document the name and phone number of the person you spoke with.

Contact the Purchasing Department about the return. They will fill out a Return Authorization Form and send it to the Bookstore. Send the goods that need to be returned to the Bookstore and they will ship them back to the supplier. Contact Accounts Payable about the return and they will make sure the proper credit is applied.

What is a Blanket Purchase Order?

Blanket Purchase Orders are purchase orders used for frequently made purchases. They are valid for a specific period of time (which is our fiscal year) and are issued by the Purchasing Department. When placing an order, you will need to reference the Blanket Purchase Order Number along with the Requisition Number (the red number on the upper right hand corner of your requisition form). Blanket Purchase Orders require less paperwork for the Department, Vendor, Purchasing and Finance. A list of our Blanket Purchase Orders can be obtained from the Purchasing Department.

What tax exempt or membership cards are available for use at stores within the area?

The Purchasing Department has a membership card for BJ's. We also have tax exempt cards for Best Buy, Dollar Tree, Menards, Office Max, Walmart and Staples. The cards must be signed out and returned to the office after use.

When do I need to use a Purchase Order?

Purchases over $100 will require a purchase order. The requisition should be forwarded to the Purchasing Department to create a Purchase Order. Specific instructions should be given as to how to proceed with the order once the Purchase Order is created. Write in the special comments section instructions on how to proceed with the order.

Where do we ship our orders?

All orders are shipped to Baldwin Wallace University, Central Receiving Department, 400 North Rocky River Drive, Berea, Ohio 44017. Please have packages addressed to the attention of the person and department where it will need to be delivered.

How do I get supplies or service for multifunctional device machines (copiers)?

Multifunctional devices (copiers) are machines that print/copy/scan and in some cases fax. These devices are used in the offices by faculty and staff. We have currently replaced small printers in offices with one larger device that can be used by everyone in the department.

Toner and staples are ordered as needed by the department. Supplies are ordered under contract exclusively with Blue Technologies. An email can be sent to supplies@btohio.com. You will need to provide the equipment number found on the front of the machine and the supplies needed. Toner, staples and service is covered by the university and is not charged to the department. Paper is ordered through WB Mason and is covered by the university.

If the machine requires service or if you need information on the use of the machine, contact the IT Help Desk at x7000.

Who can sign a contract?

  • NO STUDENT, FACULTY, OR STAFF MAY SIGN ANY CONTRACT. This includes contracts for bands, any programming agency, transportation companies, or any off-campus purchases or services.
  • Only the Purchasing/Risk Management Office or Student Affairs are authorized to sign any contract financially committing Baldwin Wallace University.
  • Contracts are legally binding and cannot be broken easily. Make sure every detail is agreed upon in advance.Contracts must be signed BEFORE the event takes place.
  • Contracts must be signed BEFORE the event takes place.
  • Even if you are only submitting an offer to a performer, have the Purchasing/Risk Management Office review and sign the offer.
  • If you have any questions call the Office of Student Activities at 440-826-2356 before agreeing to a contract.
  • Stop by the Office of Student Activities if you are ever in doubt about what to do with a contract and/or an offer.Student groups are responsible for arranging the details of the contract with the agency or company.
  • Student groups are responsible for arranging the details of the contract with the agency or company.The University is not bound to honor any contract unless it is signed by the Purchasing/Risk Management Office or Student Affairs.
  • The University is not bound to honor any contract unless it is signed by the Purchasing/Risk Management Office or Student Affairs.Contracting company must provide a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). They need to include BW as certificate holder and additionally insured.
  • Contracting company must provide a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). They need to include BW as certificate holder and additionally insured.
  • If a speaker/entertainer etc. does not have a contract available a contract issued by the University should be used.

When a contract is ready to be signed, contact Purchasing/Risk Management at 440-826-2444 to set up an appointment with the Director of Purchasing to review the contract.

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Department Phone: 440-826-2444

Karen K. Stenger, C.P.M.
Director of Purchasing and Risk Management
440-826-2726, kstenger@bw.edu

Tami Donovan
Purchasing Coordinator
440-826-2446, tdonovan@bw.edu

P: 440-826-2444


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