Bachelor of Arts & Sciences Core

The Student Planning tool will assist in planning and identifying courses that meet a students specific core and program requirements.

Other tools to help identify courses that fulfill various portions of the core include:

Core Guides

Your core requirements depend on the year you enrolled at BW. Check to make sure the guide you are looking at matches your core requirements in your Planning Tool.

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences Core: Catalogs 2022+

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences Core: Catalogs 2016-2021

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences Core: Catalogs 2015 & prior (also for new transfer students entering BW 2016FA-2018SU)

Transfer students may have alternative core requirements. Those students should contact their advisor regarding their requirements.

Search for Sections

Use the Core Requirement search field within the Search for Sections feature to look for courses that fulfill specific Core categories.

Transfer Course Search Guide

Use the BW Core Category field in the Transfer Course Search tool to search for classes that will fulfill various Core requirements.