Research and Presentation Grants

​Open to students in ALL majors, these grants support expenses directly related to conducting research or creative activities as well as expenses related to presenting work at academic conferences.

Research and Presentation Grants

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Presentation Awards

This program seeks to foster student scholarship by providing funding to individual students who are presenting/performing their original creative or research work at a professional meeting/show. This would include work done in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Presentation awards are sponsored in part by Student Senate.

Funding Amount:

Up to $500 per student, per year may be requested; a student can apply for the award multiple times while an undergraduate student at BW. The awarded amount may be applied to all travel expenses (transportation, lodging, meals, etc.) as well as towards any conference registration fees or other related costs.

Applications must be received 4 weeks prior to travel.


Students can only receive funds if they are presenting their work--not simply to attend a conference/show.

Students must be in good academic standing and enrolled at BW at the time of their application.

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis each semester. Funding is limited and student applications could be denied or partially funded due to funding limitations.

When necessary, priority will be given on the following basis:

The scholarly contribution of the student's work is the primary selection criterion. Consequently, we would expect that long-term scholarly projects done in collaboration with a faculty mentor would receive funding priority over short-term independent projects (e.g. a class project/paper).

Highly selective/national presentations will be prioritized over less selective/local or regional presentation.

A student's GPA, class standing, and graduation plans may be given consideration.

To Apply:

Student presenters will each complete a student application and indicate a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor must send a faculty endorsement. Students should ask their faculty mentor to complete the evaluation.

Click here for student application

Click here for faculty endorsement.

Research Supplies Grants

​Students who are interested in conducting any form of research or creative work may apply to the grant program. The grant will fund any materials or supplies related to your project up to $500.00.

Application Procedure:

The student must complete a proposal; the templates can be found below. Students will also need to request that their faculty mentor write a letter of endorsement. The student proposal and faculty endorsement letter can be submitted below.

Proposal Templates:

Proposal for projects in the Arts & Humanities disciplines, Arts and Humanities Grant Application.docx. Proposal template for projects in other disciplines, General Grant Application.docx.

Submission of application materials:

Students, submit your proposal here.

Faculty, submit your letter of endorsement here.

Grant Deadlines

​Both Research Supplies Grants and Presentation Grants are reviewed on a rolling basis. Given limited budgets, applications submitted early in the semester might have a better chance of being fully funded.

Once both the student application and faculty endorsement are received, students are typically informed about funds awarded within one week. Funds are available after receipts are presented for reimbursement.


Research and Presentation Grants

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