Campus Safety Task Force

About the Task Force

President Helmer has commissioned a new Campus Safety Task Force to continue to strengthen and improve campus safety policies and processes, starting with the recommendations on Title IX/sexual misconduct response brought forward in recent weeks by members of our BW community. We would like to introduce the Task Force, restate the mission, outline intended goals and provide you with updates and the way you can contribute to this important dialogue.


Dr. Sophia Kallergis, Director, Counseling Services,, (440) 826-2180
Dr. Ana de Freitas Boe, Professor, Coordinator of LGBTQ Services,, (440) 826-2024


The goal of the BW Campus Safety Task Force is to provide guidance and recommendations on campus safety with a focus on sexual misconduct and discrimination policies, practices, procedures and resources at Baldwin Wallace University.


  • Analyze documented policies and procedures at BW, as well as best practices at sample peer institutions.
  • Interview and receive comments from members of the BW community through a confidential process that will be open this semester to all students, staff and faculty.
  • Interview staff and faculty with formal roles of reporting and investigating cases.
  • Interview community members who have been involved in case investigations over the past three years (note – interviews will be voluntary only; all information will be kept confidential by the Task Force


Biweekly updates to the BW community about activities and progress of the task force.

A final report to President Helmer by the end of spring 2018 semester, which will include a presentation with analysis and recommendations for improvements as well as best practices concerning policies, procedures, and resources in response to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination. Additionally, recommendations will be made concerning actions to take when individuals are made aware of incidents and training of staff involved in case investigations.

Biweekly Updates

April 6, 2018
March 16, 2018
March 1, 2018
February 15, 2018
January 26, 2018

Reporting Flow Chart

What happens after an incident has been reported? View the reporting flow chart for details.