Faculty and Student: Guidelines for Accommodating Students

Baldwin Wallace University is committed to providing equal access to higher education for academically qualified students without regard to a disability. Faculty, staff and students at BW are encouraged to become familiar with their rights and responsibilities. BW administration, faculty and staff are committed to the retention of students while promoting academic success. Students are recruited to the university with the understanding that BW is responsive to their needs and will provide reasonable accommodations. Providing reasonable accommodations is a cooperative effort between BW faculty and the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). The guidelines below are designed to help BW faculty and staff understand how accommodations work and what parts of the accommodation process they have responsibility.

General Information

Office of Accessible Education (OAE)

Office of Accessible Education (OAE) has the responsibility for administering, reviewing, maintaining and supervising a variety of processes, policies, procedures and services in accordance with state and federal laws. When appropriate, OAE provides academic and housing accommodations including: alternative formats, alternative testing, equipment loans, sign-language interpreters, and assistance in working with instructors/students. Faculty, staff and OAE works collaboratively to provide students with appropriate accommodations.

Letter of Accommodation

Students registered with OAE that seek academic accommodations will submit a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) Request through the OAE Online System. Once the LOA request has been processed, OAE will send the letter to faculty via email. Click here for a sample Letter of Accommodation. The LOA will includes:

*Student name, BWID Number, Course & Section

*Rights & Responsibilities: For the student

*Academic Accommodations: Explanation of each accommodation

*Additional Notifications: Special notes or information you need to know about the student

*Links: Alternative Testing Form and OAE Faculty/Staff Pages

Non-Discrimination Policy

As reflected in the University's vision, mission, core values and strategic plan Baldwin Wallace challenges its students and employees to live out the spirit of inclusion in their daily pursuits. We maintain that the value of the diversity reflected at BW is far greater than the sum of its parts.

To this end, in concert with the principle of "Respect for Persons" as outlined in our Community Standards of Conduct, Baldwin Wallace University prohibits discrimination and harassment based on race or ethnicity, marital status, sex, age, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or veteran status. Discrimination or harassment of members of the University community falls short of our community standards and will not be tolerated.

When a person believes that they or others have been the victim of discrimination or harassment they should report the incident as soon as possible. Based on the nature of the incident, the University will choose the appropriate response mechanism and do its best to address the situation in a timely manner with care and transparency. Response mechanisms include but are not limited to inquiries performed by the Discrimination Investigators and referrals to Student Conduct.

Student Responsibilities

Students with disabilities who need accommodations should contact OAE. It is the student's responsibility to register with OAE to determine eligibility for accommodations. It is the student's responsibility to acquire information concerning auxiliary aids, technological accommodations, campus parking, etc. Students are also responsible for making timely requests for services and communicating with faculty and staff regarding accommodations available to their course(s).

Documentation of Disability

Assistance is available to students whose disabilities have been documented by OAE. Disability verification is solely the responsibility of OAE. The student is responsible for completing the application for services, providing documentation, attending the Student Welcome Meeting and following OAE processes and procedures. Faculty should not be involved in the process of documenting a disability or determining eligibility for accommodations. As a faculty and staff member, you can best help students by directing them to OAE or the appropriate campus resource(s). This may provide an easier transition to college and ensure a more positive experience at BW.