Proposal for Reimbursements

Proposal Form

Looking to apply for reimbursement?

Fill out the form with what applies to you. Follow the steps below

Proposal Form:

    Funding Proposal Document

Steps for success:

Fill out the Form

Once the form is filled out you can email it to our president, Abby Leonardi and our treasurer, Aiden Call.

Note: All reimbursement requests must be from the current fiscal year (beginning July, 1 2023).

PDF of the form

Present at our Meeting

You will then be asked to come into a Con Council meeting to share with the members what you are asking for and why you need the money.

We then, as an organization, vote on all the proposals and you receive an email when your's has been approved.

Wait for your Check!

If approved you will provide Aiden Call with some information, and he will process your reimbursement and send it over to our school treasurer. You will then receive a check in 1-4 weeks.


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