Academic Advising FAQ

  • How do students take courses at another institution and transfer them back to BW?

    Instructions on the process students should use can be found HERE.

    Note: Students can transfer up to 60 credits from a 2-year community college and an unlimited amount from 4-year institutions. Keep in mind that all BW residency requirements must be met. These include 45 credits completed at BW, 40% of the major completed at BW, and 6 credits of the minor completed at BW.

  • How do students make changes to their major/minor/advisor?

    Students can make changes to their program via the online Program Change form HERE.

    Changes can take from 7-10 Business days to be processed. Students will receive an email when the change is complete.

  • How many credits is Full-time versus part-time?

    Students must be registered for at least 12 credit hours to be considered Full-time. Waitlisted courses do not count towards your credit status.

    Students registered for 11 or less credit hours are considered part-time.