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Academic Advising at Baldwin Wallace University is a developmental process of faculty members working with students to strategize, develop, and implement a plan related to students’ educational, career, and personal goals. Through this interactive relationship, students learn how to utilize resources and tools to make effective, self-directed decisions.While this process is a collaborative effort, the ultimate responsibility for making decisions rests with the individual student.

Academic Advising is available to all students who are admitted to Baldwin Wallace University. Advising for full-time undergraduate day students is provided by faculty and Learning Center specialists and coordinated by the Office of Academic Advising. Students who have declared a major will be advised by faculty in that department or school.

Students whose majors are undecided are advised by a faculty member in a department of interest, a faculty member who works with undecided students, or by the Office of Academic Advising.

Students should contact the Office of Academic Advising to talk to an advising professional about planning their courses, to discuss academic issues, or exploring different major or minors.

Need help with the Student Planning Tool?

Please contact the Office of Academic Advising with all questions regarding the Student Planning Tool. Individualized trainings are also available; please contact Dianna Spycher to schedule a training.

Major / Minor / Advisor change form

Academic program change reminders:

Students/advisors can see what a major change would look like through the Student Planning Tool. Use the "View a New Program" button when on the Progress page.

Academic minor requirements can be found in the academic catalog.

Frequent changes in majors and minors can lead to additional coursework and semesters to graduation.

For more advising-related information please visit the Academic Advising Blackboard Organization page.

Thank Your Advisor!

​Academic advisors play an important role in helping students to succeed. Thanking your advisor for their help is a great way to let them know they make a difference.

The Office of Academic Advising has created a new program called, "Thanks to you for all you do!"

Students can now complete an online or paper submission thanking their advisor. Submissions can be made by completing this brief form --  or by completing a paper form in the Academic Advising Office in Bonds Hall.

P: 440.826.2188

Academic Advising

Office of Academic Advising Bonds Hall, Room 102