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The Baldwin Wallace University Bursar's Office is staffed by the Cashiers, Billing Specialist, Student Account Analyst, Federal Perkins Loan Advisor and Veteran School Certifying Official. Daily activities involve collection of tuition and fees, campus wide billing, payment plan administration, student debt counseling, Federal Perkins Loans, and certifying our veteran students who receive VA and military benefits, as well as institutional loan administration. We offer a convenient, interest-free,  payment plan each semester to help families budget the cost of their student's education.  See Payment Plan details below.

Tuition Due Dates for 2023-24 and 2024-25 Academic Years

Fall 2024 Tuition is due in full by 8/16/24
Spring 2025 Tuition is due in full by 12/13/24
Summer 2025 Tuition is due in full by 5/30/25

Alternatively you may self-enroll in the BW Payment Plan online in the Payment Portal See below for Payment Plan Details.

Viewing Your Tuition Statement

Tuition statements are ONLY available online in the BW Payment Portal.  Login credentials required for access.  Students may grant Authorized User Access to those assisting with their tuition payments. (see "Add Authorized User" under Quick Links at the bottom of this page)

Paying Your Tuition Bill

The BW Payment Portal is the place for paying your tuition and fees online or enrolling in a payment plan.  Our online payment system provides flexibility to make secure and private payments with your preferred method, including international payments. By making payments online, you will see faster payment posting and updates of your payment status and account balance. (card payments subject to 2.95% fee per transaction)

Mail or In-Person
Cash, check, money order, cards (Visa/MC/Discover), and virtual wallet accepted in-person.
*Student name & ID number must be on all checks.

Baldwin Wallace University
Attn: Cashiers Office
275 Eastland Rd
Berea, OH 44017

Baldwin Wallace has partnered with TransferMate to provide a streamlined payment option for our international students.  Pay your tuition and fees in your local currency from nearly any country.

Log into your student account via the Payment Portal, select the Make Payment tab, choose TransferMate from the payment method drop-down menu and follow the prompts.
 Watch this video for a quick demo!


BW offers interest-free payment plans for each semester to help you budget for college.

Payment Plans require enrollment every semester; they do not roll over from one semester to the next.  Enrollment must be done online in the Payment Portal by either the student or the authorized user.  Minimum balance required for plan enrollment is $100.

Payment plans are for the current semester.   Fall & Spring plans will also include any unpaid balance from the previous semester (example: fall plan will include fall balance & any unpaid balance from the previous summer).  Older term balances will not be included and must be paid in full prior to current plan enrollment.  All prior unpaid balances must be paid in full in order to enroll in the Summer payment plan.

Cannot be enrolled in 2 payment plans at the same time. Enrollment in the next semester payment plan is prohibited until the current payment plan has been paid in full.

Enrollment Period:  Plan enrollment opens each semester* when the first tuition statement is made available online in the payment portal.  Students are sent an email from the Cashiers Office when statements are made available.
*Each semester has it's own payment plan.  Plans do NOT roll over from one semester to the next.

Enrollment Deadlines: (enrollment beyond these deadlines is not permitted)
Fall:  September 15
Spring:  February 15
Summer:  June 1

- $35 enrollment fee (each semester)
- $20 late payment fee
- Rejected/returned payments are subject to a $30 NSF fee (and removal from the plan if re-payment is not made within 5 business days)  Students and authorized users are notified by email from the Cashiers Office and TouchNet (payment portal) when a payment has been rejected (or the payment attempt failed processing).

Late enrollment:  Enrollment in the plan after the first due date, but before deadlines is considered "late enrollment".  There is no penalty for late enrollment, however all missed installments & enrollment fee must be paid at the time of plan enrollment.

Example 1: If enrolling in the fall plan on August 15, you will have missed the August 1st installment. Payment of the $35 enrollment fee as well as the August 1st installment are required upon enrollment.

Example 2: If enrolling in the fall payment plan on September 5, you will have missed the August 1st and the September 1st installments. Payment of the $35 enrollment fee, the August 1st and September 1st installments is required upon enrollment.

Installments: Payment plans are calculated by equally dividing the student's current semester balance at the time of enrollment by the number of installments in the plan. You may opt to make a down-payment to reduce your monthly obligations.

2024-2025 Payment Plan options:
PLAN A: 4 installments due the 1st of each month FALL: August - November; SPRING: January - April
PLAN B: 8 installments due on the 15th & last day of the month FALL: August - November; SPRING: January - April
Summer: 3 installments due on the 15th of each month beginning May 15th

NOTE for Plan B (8-installments): this plan may be ideal for those with divided households where 2 individuals wish to split* the monthly cost of college or for those who prefer to distribute the cost of college over 2 smaller monthly payments rather than one large one.

*if wanting to split the monthly cost between 2 (or more) individuals, ONE user (student or authorized user) would enroll in the plan using one payment method. After plan enrollment that user may change the payment methods in the Payment Portal by selecting the action button next to the installment(s) they wish to change.  No other user can make changes to the plan; however, all users can see the plan installments & due dates in the payment portal.  Pay methods could alternate for example (see below):

Aug 15: mom's checking 
Aug 31: dad's visa
Sept 15: mom's checking
Sept 30: dad's visa

FOR ALL PLANS: Installment amounts are subject to change:  should there be a change to the semester balance after enrolling in the plan (examples: late scholarships, private lessons, parking fees, library fees, etc) the remaining installment amounts will be adjusted to reflect the change.

**ANY CHANGES TO YOUR REGISTRATION WILL AFFECT YOUR PAYMENT PLAN** Often a change in registration will temporarily bring your account balance to $0 (zero) as the registration adjustments are made to your account and this will "pay-off" your payment plan** You will need to contact the Cashiers Office 440-826-2121 as soon as possible to recalculate your payment plan**

Making Installment Payments: all installment payments will be *AUTO-PAY* ONLY. Payment methods must either be an electronic check or debit/credit card and will be withdrawn on the due dates.  Installment due dates cannot be changed.
*Please note: credit/debit card transactions are subject to a 2.95% convenience fee.


Tuition Reimbursement Payment Program (TRPP)

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