Housing Selection

for all students who plan to live on campus

Living on campus at BW!

Housing Selection

for current residential students:

Want to live on campus for the 2024-25 school year? There are many different housing options available on campus for returning students. Housing rates can be viewed here.

Here are some important dates to remember:

Monday, November 27 - Housing applications OPEN on bw.erezlife.com!

You can complete either a specialty or general housing application on bw.erezlife.com.  More info about each is given below.

Friday, February 23 - Specialty Housing applications due!

Specialty housing options and requirements are below.

Wednesday, March 13 - Specialty Housing Selection Day & General Housing applications due

As we get closer to housing selection, detailed instructions will be sent out on how to view room and select rooms, so be sure to check your BW email!

Wednesday, March 27 - General Housing Selection

As we get closer to housing selection, detailed instructions will be sent out on how to view room and select rooms, so be sure to check your BW email!

Housing selection times are based on BW credit hours earned, meaning those with the highest credits select first during housing selection. Please complete the fall housing application on bw.erezlife.com and contact our office for assistance.

  • Specialty Housing Options (app due 2/23 , selection on 3/15)

    BW provides a variety of options for specialty housing. We have outlined below what each has to offer along with requirements for selection:

    • University Apartments (Floreske and Berea Townhouses) - sophomore and above students are eligible for apartments with full kitchens, dining area, bathroom, and living room. Berea Townhouses will be newly renovated for fall 2024!  All apartments require roommate groups that will fill apartment. We do not have any single apartments at this time. Front St residence hall is NOT considered an apartment.

    • STEM (North Hall) - Intended for residents of any class year who are pursuing a STEM-related major (requirement, but do not have to be a STEM Scholar). Expected to attend residence life programming targeted for this community.

    • Honors (Carmel Hall, floors 2 & 3) - Students who are members of the Honors program qualify to live on floors 2-3 of Carmel Hall.  Participation in the Honors program will be verified prior to selection.

    • Davidson Commons (Klein Hall, Saylor Hall, and Davison Hall) - Open for all returning students each unit requires a roommate group of 4 or 6 (based on suite size) for selection. A roommate group is required prior to selection.

    • Fraternity and Sorority (Ernsthausen Hall) - Members of fraternity and sorority life (or invited members) will be placed in housing by our office according to the roster and do not need to select housing on March 15.

    • Global Village (Carmel Hall, floor 1) - You may be paired with a one semester or full year exchange international student on the first floor of Carmel Hall.

  • General Housing Options (app due 3/15, selection 3/27)

    BW provides a variety of general housing options:

    Front Street Residence Hall

    • Front Street Residence Hall opened in fall 2018 as BW's newest residence hall. The building houses students in studio and double rooms on three floors of a mixed-use complex. The ground floor commercial space includes The Buzz on Front (BW spirit shop), Starbucks and more. There is no student parking directly behind Front Street. Students can park across the street in the lot near Giant Eagle. Front Street Residence Hall require roommate groups that will fill suite for selection.

    Lang Hall

    • Lang Hall houses students in single, double and triple rooms that are co-educational by floor. There are large lounges on the first and fourth floors along with a kitchen on the first floor. Lang is the only residence hall with its own dining hall. Lang also has easy access to the basketball and sand volleyball courts on the North Quad.

    Findley Hall

    • Findley Hall houses students in single and double rooms that are co-educational by floor. The hall is air-conditioned and the main lounge is a favorite gathering place for students who enjoy the large screen TV and fireplace. Findley also features a large multipurpose room and kitchen with ping-pong and ample space for studying as well as providing easy access to the basketball and sand volleyball courts on the North Quad.

    Ernsthausen Hall

    • Ernsthausen Hall houses students in single and double rooms that are co-educational by room. The hall features central air-conditioning, a laundry area per floor, two vending areas, and single gender restrooms and shower areas per wing. The main lounge features a two-story cathedral ceiling with a gas fireplace. There are two additional lounges on the upper floor, as well as lounges at the end of each of the eight hallways. The building is handicap accessible and has an elevator. Ernsthausen houses students who participate in fraternity and sorority life.

    NOTE - Some specialty housing options that do not fill during specialty housing selection may become available during general housing selection (ex: North).

  • Gender Inclusive Housing

    Gender inclusive housing options allow students, no matter their gender identity, the ability to choose a housing option with a roommate matching their gender identity. The gender inclusive housing options on campus include Carmel, Davidson Commons, Front Street, Findley, and North Hall.

    If interested in gender inclusive housing, please note your interest on your application.

  • Accessible Housing

    Students in need of specific accommodations can complete a required application to request a reasonable accommodation. Please be sure to select or specify the needed housing configuration on the form.

    • Returning students, students that received accessible housing the previous academic year, or students already registered with the Office of Accessible Education (OAE) at BW must complete and submit an Accessible Housing Application and provide updated documentation, as appropriate.
    • The application deadlines for returning students are as follows:
  • Emotional Support Animals

    This policy explains the specific requirements applicable to a student's use of an ESA in University housing.  Please be aware that the ESA process and policy is overseen by Residence Life and Housing, not the Office of Accessible Education.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I buyout a double room? Students with over 50 credits hours completed can apply to buyout a room at bw.erezlife.com. Buyouts will only be available in Lang, Findley and Ernsthausen and are limited. Applications will be accepted for buyouts until March 1. Additional buyouts may be offered after housing selection takes place. Be sure to check your BW email for updates.

    What if the room (or room type) I want is not open during my selection time? Select a different room or room type and fill out a waitlist application located on the main page of bw.erezlife.com which will be available starting March 27th.

    I am unable to pull my roommate(s) in to my housing assignment. What should I do? Check your roommate group that both you and your roommate have a green check next to your name. If not, whoever does not have a green check must accept the roommate group.

    I’m nervous selecting my room online - can I do so in person? Residence Life and Housing, located in 110 Bonds Hall, will be open during selection times. Please bring your device with you and a member of our team would be happy to help.

    I chose the wrong room during selection, what do I do? You can come to our office starting on March 28th to change your housing assignment. Our office is open Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm or Friday 8:30am-3pm to assist you.

    I missed selecting a room online. What do I do? Come to the office of Residence Life and Housing for assistance. Our office is open Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm or Friday 8:30am-3pm to assist you.

Click here to learn how to complete your application and create a roommate group

Click here to learn how to confirm your application and preview rooms ahead of housing selection

Storage Squad information (coming soon!)

for incoming (new) residential students:

New (Incoming) Student Housing Selection - We can't wait to welcome you to your home away from home! BW has a 3-year residency requirement for students (as of fall 2023).

Housing options available to incoming students: Heritage Hall, Constitution Hall, 21 Beech (First-Year Conservatory), Carmel Hall, and North Hall. You can view a short video tour of each of these halls at bw.erezlife.com under "Resources." We will be sending you additional information (including how to find/create roommate groups), tips, and reminders, so check your BW email often!

Housing Selection Timeline:

Saturday, June 22 - Housing application deadline

Incoming students who apply by June 1st will have the opportunity to select both their roommate and room! Housing applications will still be accepted after this date.

Tuesday July 2 - Housing Selection times sent

Housing selection times are based on the date applications are submitted. Updating your application will change your application date.

Monday, July 8 - Housing Selection day!

Since you will be choosing your own housing, you do not need to update housing preferences or room types (just select on July 8th). Updating roommate groups will not affect selection times.

Thursday, August 22 - Move In day!

More information will be available on our website and sent to your BW email closer to time.

residency exemptions

All full time undergraduate students are required to live on-campus according to BW’s residency policy. The University might grant an exemption to students who request it, however applying will not guarantee an exemption.

The request should be completed with any documentation to support your exemption request. Residency exemption requests are located at bw.erezlife.com under “Housing Overview” and called “Residency Exemption.”

Students can expect to receive communication through their official University e-mail with the committee's decision by the dates listed below.

For returning students, residency exemption applications received after March 1 will be subject to up to a $500 housing cancellation fee, if approved. Qualifying residency exemptions and applications can be found at bw.erezlife.com.

Residency exemptions for returning students will be accepted and reviewed on the following dates:

For incoming students, any residency exemption applications received after August 1st will be subject to a $500 fine billed to the student's account. Qualifying residency exemptions and applications can be found at bw.erezlife.com.

Residency exemptions for incoming students will be accepted and reviewed on the following dates: