How do I request photo/video support from University Relations?

The Office of University Relations provides photography and videography services to market and promote BW and its programs. The imagery is used in recruitment materials, media relations, social media and web content. If you would like to request photography/videography, please email the Director of Photography and Video, Damien Campbell, with the pertinent information: date, time, location and intended use. Damien will contact you to discuss your request. His email is dcampbel@bw.edu.

How do I submit a request to have an update made to the public website - www.bw.edu?

Submit your update request online at bw.edu/webupdate​​

How do I suggest a success story - students, alumni or faculty - for promotion on or off campus?

Suggestions for success stories can be submitted online:

students - bw.edu/student-success-form

alumni - bw.edu/alumni-success-form

faculty - bw.edu/faculty-success-form​

Contact Shawn Salamone at x2322 (forwards to email, too), 440-829-0568 (mobile), MS Teams or ssalamone@bw.edu if you have any questions.

How do you determine whether to delay the start of classes or close the campus due to inclement weather or other adverse condition?

When a campus closure or class cancellation is under consideration, a team of University leaders weighs a variety of factors and will only cancel classes when absolutely necessary. Like most workplaces in NE Ohio, it's rare for BW to close for snow or other inclement weather. As you would for a commute to any job, please be prepared to allow extra time to get to your destination when weather or other conditions necessitate reduced speed and extra caution.

How does University Relations work to showcase faculty in the media?

One of the primary ways we build awareness for BW is to showcase the expertise of our faculty and staff in the media. Sometimes, this is achieved by featuring an individual or program. More often, we provide the media with sources of expert commentary and insight on current items in the news.

Some articles, such as magazine features, are carefully planned in advance, while others, especially stories on local radio and television, occur with very little notice. The office of University Relations is deeply grateful to all members of the BW community who make themselves available to the media, especially those who are able to respond to short deadline requests.

Faculty: please let UR staff know about subject areas or topics you might be comfortable addressing, so that we can update our roster of faculty and staff media resources. Providing a cell phone number is also extremely helpful for deadline requests and will be held in strictest confidence.

University Relations is also happy to provide advice, media coaching and guidelines for authoring Op Ed pieces and blog posts.

How will BW let me know about an emergency, campus closure or other urgent communication?

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BW employs a variety of communication tools to issue timely safety alerts and advisories to the students, faculty, staff and visitors on our campuses.

The campus community is informed through:

An Advisory with timely information in situations such as a class cancellation due to weather or a campus power outage

An Emergency Alert with an urgent notification about a significant emergency or other situation affecting health and safety on campus.

When a situation warrants, the University will post the most detailed information available on this BW advisory page http://www.bw.edu/advisory/ and will use a variety of communication tools to issue an advisory or alert including but not limited to:

Text messaging


BW home page



Cleveland news media

Advisory/Alert terms explained/defined:

"Morning classes” refers to all classes that begin before noon Monday through Friday.

"Afternoon classes" begin at or after noon Monday through Friday.

"Evening classes" begin after 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If the "BW Campus is closed:" essential services will be provided to residential students, but check this page for possible changes to dining services options/schedules it will reopen at 6 a.m. the following day

What do I do if the media contacts me for an interview or to visit campus?

Politely refer all media inquiries to University Relations, which is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of working journalists. Resources for media, including staff contact information, can be found on the BW external website at http://www.bw.edu/news/media/. The main phone number for the office is at 440-826-2325.

Faculty with established media relationships are asked to notify University Relations before or as soon as possible after they've conducted an interview, so that UR can leverage and promote the appearance to a wider audience.

What if I’m not receiving text alerts?

​Students: The opportunity to provide BW with your cell number is done during the electronic check-in process twice annually. If you opted out of this program and would now like to be included, please contact Registration and Records at (440) 826-2126 or webregis@bw.edu.

Faculty & Staff: Cell phone numbers (voluntary) are stored in your HR profile. If you have not provided a cell number and would like to be included, please contact HR.

What is the MERIT Hometown recognition program and how can I suggest a student or students for an achievement?

MERIT (http://bw.meritpages.com/) is being used to promote BW student success through parent emails, hometown news media and high schools, on the web, and in social media.

We encourage faculty to look for opportunities to recognize and share the accomplishments of students through MERIT. Email Susan Walton swalton@bw.edu with the name(s) and student ID number(s), a summary of the achievement and any photo(s), if available.

Categories of achievement may include:

Awards, recognition


Competitions (Sports, Academic, Music)

Club/Organization Accomplishments, leadership posts

Honor Society induction

Research/Conference Presentations

Competitive Scholarships/Grants


Active community service

Distinctive international experience

Campus leadership

We look forward to lifting up the successes of students, alumni and faculty for the world to see.

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