Enrollment/Degree Verifications

Current and former students may use Myhub, a free and secure online service provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), to obtain enrollment information. Click here to create or access your Myhub account which will allow you to:

  • Print an enrollment certificate (for insurance, etc.)
  • View degrees earned
  • See all enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse
  • View third party verification inquiries to the Clearinghouse

BW begins reporting enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse the second week of each term.

Current students may also access their MyHub account through MyRecords. Navigate to the Academics menu item and click the "Order Enrollment Verification" link.

If you attended Baldwin Wallace prior to Fall of 1998, contact the Office of Registration & Records directly by sending an email to webregis@bw.edu.

If you are unable to login to MyHub or receive an "Oops, We Cannot Find You" message, contact the NSC support team at service@studentclearinghouse.org or (703) 742-4200.

The Office of Registration & Records processes third-party enrollment forms directly.

If a third party organization provides you with a form to verify education records, please verify with the organization if the printer enrollment verification, available from your Myhub account, will suffice.

If not, current and former students may submit the forms to webregis@bw.edu along with their full name, any former names attended under, date of birth, and student ID (if known). The Office of Registration & Records will work with the student to complete and send their forms to the appropriate parties.