• Can my parent/guardian have access to my grades or other records?

    BW does not offer a system whereby parents/guardians can access their student's grades or other education records. Under a student's FERPA rights, parents/guardians do not have access to their son or daughter's education records unless financial dependency is verified by the Office of Registration & Records. Students may approve parent/guardian inquiry access during the semester check-in process. Students may also provide their "My Records" log-in information to a parent/guardian, to allow access to their student account, but are not obligated to share that information. Students can grant billing access to their parent/guardian through the "My Records" module. Students may release info to third parties by filling out the Release of Education Records Form.

  • How can I order a letter confirming I am a full-time student or a graduate of BW?

    Current & former students may use Myhub, a free and secure online service provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to obtain enrollment information. Click here to create or access your MyHub account, which will allow you to

    • Print an enrollment certificate (for insurance, etc.)
    • View your degrees earned
    • See all enrollment information on file with the NSC
    • View third party verification inquiries to the NSC

    Current students may also access their MyHub account through MyRecords. Navigate to the Academics menu item and click the "Order Enrollment Verification" link.

    If you are unable to login to MyHub or receive an "Oops, We Cannot Find You" message, contact the NSC support team at service@studentclearinghouse.org or (703) 742-4200.

    If you attended Baldwin Wallace prior to Fall of 1998, contact the Office of Registration & Records directly by sending an email to webregis@bw.edu.

    **Please note that a transcript can sometimes be used in lieu of an enrollment/degree verification because it includes dates of attendance and degrees received. Click here to learn more about transcripts.

  • How can I tell what format a class is held in?

    Please refer to the Location description listed under the Meeting Information details for available sections. The Location filter within the Course Catalog search tool may be a helpful alternative as well. Common Location (delivery types) include:

    • Berea Campus: On campus in person classes that cannot accommodate remote learners.
    • Flexible: On campus classes that blend real time virtual & in person instruction.
    • Online: Students complete all work independently via Canvas.
    • Virtual: Students attend classes in real time via Zoom or Canvas.

  • How do I access my grades?

    Final grades can be found on your "My Records" module by clicking the Grades link.

    Note: The grades listed on this page are your absolute final grades. If a different grade appears in Canvas, you will need to contact your professor about the discrepancy. Canvas grades are not official.

  • How do I change my name or address?

    Current Students can update their information via BW Central by filling out the Request for Change of Record form. Please note that you are required to attach legal documentation to update your legal name. See the form for details.

    Former students can call or e-mail the Registration and Records Office for a change of name form. If you can provide your name and either your student ID or the last two digits of your social security and your birth date, we will send you the appropriate form. You can complete it online and return it to webregis@bw.edu. Former students should report any contact information changes to the Center for Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement.

  • How do I get verifications for other information (current major, expected graduation date, etc.)?

    Current students may obtain letters of verification for other information by completing the Verification Letter Request Form on BW Central.

  • How do I withdraw or take a leave of absence from BW?

    Current students should use the withdraw/leave of absence form available on the One Stop website. Locate the "Manage Your Registration" section and click the "Withdraw from BW" link. Then click the link for the withdrawal/leave of absence form.

  • What if I missed a registration deadline?

    If you missed a registration deadline, you can contact the Registration and Records Office to discuss your options. To withdraw from a class after the designated withdrawal period, you will need to fill out a "Petition to Withdraw after the Withdrawal Date". This form can be found on BW Central. This process is reserved for students who have extenuating circumstances that prevents the completion of their course(s).

  • What is the deadline to add, drop, or withdraw from a class?

    Please refer to the Academic Calendar for various registration deadlines.

  • What should I do if another organization has provided a form to verify my enrollment?

    First, please verify with the organization if a printed enrollment verification, available from your MyHub account, or transcript will suffice. If not, current and former students may submit the forms to webregis@bw.edu along with their full name, any former names attended under, date of birth, and student ID (if known). The Office of Registration & Records will work with the student to complete and send the forms to the appropriate places.

  • When do I register?

    Your registration time will appear in the in the Plan & Schedule module of your Student Planning tool once your advisor releases you to register. The reg time will only appear up until the reg time passes. After the reg time passes, the register button will be active to register but the actual time will no longer be displayed. Registration times are based on the number of credit hours completed. Honors students receive priority registration.

  • How do I resolve an incomplete (I) or temporary (T) grade?

    If you have an "I" grade (incomplete), you need to work with the faculty member that taught that course. The faculty member will establish a date by which the work must be completed. Your professor will submit your grade to Registration and Records once the course requirements are complete. If you have an "I" grade, you are not eligible for the Dean's List that semester.

    If you have a "T" grade (temporary), you must work with the appropriate office to resolve it. Contact Career Services for "T"s in internships. For "T"s in research or thesis work, contact the sponsoring department. Your faculty supervisor for your project will submit a grade when all requirements are completed.

  • When is enrollment data sent by BW to the Clearinghouse?

    Current term enrollment is transmitted in week 2 of each term. If you need a verification sooner, fill out the Verification Letter Request form on BW Central.

  • Where can I find the final exam schedule?

    Please refer to the Academic Calendar. It includes a link to the final exam schedule.

  • Why can't I log into Canvas, Jacket Connect, or My Records?

    There are a few possibilities as to why you could have trouble logging in. If you are having trouble logging in to any Baldwin Wallace system, contact the IT Help Desk at (440)826-7000 or visit http://help.bw.edu.

  • Why is there a hold on my account?

    There are several types of holds. Common ones include:

    Advisor Hold- Undergraduate day students cannot register until your advisor has released you. They should do so after your advising appointment each Fall and Spring term.

    Financial Hold- If you have an outstanding balance, you may not be able to register for classes or order a transcript.

    Contact the BW One Stop with questions regarding resolving holds.