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Your Baldwin Wallace University Scholarship

  • Why should I write a thank you letter for my BW scholarship?

    Baldwin Wallace University donors have created over 400 scholarships to support BW students like you in financing your education. Because donors are helping you attend BW, we encourage you to express your gratitude in letter of thanks, telling them a bit about yourself including your year in school, your major, your involvement in campus clubs, organizations or athletics, and your career aspirations.

    When a donor receives your thank you letter, it creates a positive impression of you and of the University. It also encourages donors to continue supporting student scholarships at BW.

  • How do I submit a thank you letter to my scholarship donor?

    Get started:

    Under the Resources tab, you will find some sample letters to guide you in the writing process. While these letters can help you with style, formatting, and length, try to write about your own experiences in your own words. We encourage you to add a photo of yourself as well.

  • Instructions for writing and submitting your thank you letter:

    - Under the Scholarships tab, review the list of scholarships organized alphabetically by the donor’s last name and find the scholarship you have been awarded.

    - Identify the person who will receive your thank you letter (listed in each scholarship entry).

    - Under the Resources tab, review sample thank you letters and read about tips for writing a strong thank you letter.

    - When your letter is drafted, go to the Submit menu and upload a letter, or type one into the window provided. Please be sure to include your name and contact information and the correct name of your scholarship. Please upload a photo of yourself to include. BW’s Center for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement will send the letter to your donor.

    If you are comfortable with doing so, please also check the box giving permission to use your thank you letter text and/or photo in other marketing materials.

  • Who selected me for this scholarship?

    BW scholarship awarding decisions are made by the Office of Financial Aid, often with guidance from BW faculty and staff. Students are selected based on their financial need and factors specified by the donor. Faculty and staff also recommend students based on merit (academic or artistic), leadership and service. If you have questions about your financial aid package, please contact Will McGinley, Director of Financial Aid, at